Easter Seals at East Texas, Inc. Temple Memorial Rehabilitation Center in Texarkana, is a 501-(c)(3) non-profit organization, serving people with disabilities and other special needs in the Texarkana area since 1952. Our interest and commitment to meeting the needs of the people in our community by providing quality services with exceptional care are at the core of our organization. We specialize in pediatric therapy, providing speech, occupational, and physical therapy in children under the age of 21. In 2015, the Temple Center was chosen by the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services to begin providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy to children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Our staff and volunteers are committed to making a difference in the lives of those we serve and we are happy to add this to our list of services.


Temple Memorial Rehabilitation Center today.

Temple Memorial

Rehabilitation Center
Texarkana, Texas    903-794-2705

Our Board Members


 Carol Binzer Chairman- College Station, TX                            

 Scott Draper- College Station, TX                                 

 Kristi Satsky Secretary- Bryan, TX                                 

 Greg Foxworth- Bryan, TX                                            

 Greg Giles- Texarkana, AR 

 Brandon Cogburn- Texarkana

 Christine Folker

 Levi Ponder

 Kathy Turner

 Jeff Addison- Texarkana, AR                                                                    

 Gerry Hince- Bryan, TX                                               

 William Morriss Vice Chairman- Texarkana, TX                

 Troy Neimeyer- Texarkana, AR                                     

 Al Scott Treasurer- College Station, TX

 Dick Vincent- Houston, TX

 Leanne Wright- Texarkana, TX

 Management Team

 Steve Helm CFO- College Station, TX

 Sandy Varner Executive Director- Texarkana, AR

 Alina Fifer Executive Director- College Station, TX

 Amy Tutki ECI Program Director- College Station, TX

 Lifetime Members

 Sid Alexander-College Station, Texas

 Tom Eaton- Houston, Texas

 Pete Kaburick- Texarkana, Texas

 Frank Poff- Texarkana, Arkansas

 Susan Scoggins- Houston, Texas

 Allen Segal- Houston, Texas

 Leon Sanderson- Texarkana, Texas

 Milan Powers- College Station, Texas

The original Temple Home