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Elizabeth's Journey

 It was a Saturday morning in September 2016, that Elizabeth Compton's mom went in to get her up for the day. Her mother found her in her crib crying and not moving any part of her body. Elizabeth's mom picked her up only to discover that she was completely limp. She wasn't even unable to hold her head up. They immediately took her to St. Michaels Christus Emergency room where assessments and exams were done but no diagnosis. Within an hour of arriving at the ER, Elizabeth and her mom boarded a helicopter for Arkansas Children's Hospital. After several tests, a team of doctors finally diagnosed Elizabeth with Acute Flaccid Myelitis. AFM is a neurologic illness which has a sudden onset in children. This illness is still very new to doctors.
At Arkansas Children's Hospital, Elizabeth was in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit  for 15 days. Elizabeth was then moved to the rehab floor where she received speech, occupational, and physical therapy daily. When she was discharged in November, and the Compton family returned to Texarkana eager for Elizabeth to start therapy close to home. She had accomplishment so much at Children's Hospital but they knew she had much more to conquer. A member of their church referred them to Temple, her mother immediately called to set up an appointment.  Since November Elizabeth has worked so hard in therapy to achieve her goals. Recently she took her first steps alone since September to our Physical Therapist Brenda Reid. We are all proud of you Elizabeth!

We named Elizabeth "Kid of the Year" recently at our Annual Phantom Ball.
Stay tuned for more updates on Elizabeth's Journey......

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Elizabeth Compton "Kid of the Year"

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